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Completion of "Clean Olkhon Island" 2013

Two-day volunteer action "Clean Olkhon Island" ended the season of 2013 the project "Save the Baikal", which was held September 14-15 in the All-Russian action on garbage collection "Make".


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Согласен со всеми, хостел -- УЛЕТ!!!!!!!!


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Irkutsk City Lodge

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Kayaking tour along the Angara

Price: 4500 rub

Extension: 4 hours

The place where the river flows out of the lake is relatively shallow depth - only 4-5 meters. As a consequence, the source of the Angara does not freeze even during severe winters because of the constant agitation of the water .

In the middle of the source of the Angara , the sacred place - Shaman Rock . According to legend, the stone was intended to prevent the escape of Angara - the daughter of the mighty Lake Baikal.


Then head along the river , passing the villages of Nicola and Big River , located on the right bank, and calm down the river we reach the museum " Taltsy ." Small villages that we pass , inhabited by fishermen , hunters and loggers . The museum "Taltsy" the band once again crosses the Angara for landing . Here you can see a collection of architectural structures dating from XI-XVIII centuries and get a glimpse of the spiritual and cultural life of the peoples of Siberia. The museum is located on the scenic banks of the Angara River, partly in the forest. During the trip, lunch is provided .



One-day fishing

Extension: 3-8 hours

The combination of a perfect holiday, getting a charge of positive emotions, a lot of funny things - it is fishing on Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal is replete with outlandish huge pike, beautiful grayling, cisco sigami and dainty, catch, which is, perhaps, the dream of every fisherman. Also of note, Baikal perch and flax, and still nearly 50 species of fish swimming in the clear waters of the northern basin




Price: 3500 rub

Extension: 3 hours

Active Ride with sled dog up to 15 km . Each participant is given a special belt and 1 dog . In this short journey through the woods with your new four-legged friend you can enjoy the beauty of the forest and the interaction with these amazing animals . Walks are held all year round . The instructor also comes with a dog, to the rate of movement was the same with the guest . On the route. Stir until Chelpanovskoy clearing, where we drop the dogs frolic in the open and yourself a rest. Lunch . Return to the Baikal Center sled dogs . The total length of the route is about 15 km away.



Diving in Lake Baikal

Price: 4400 rub

Extension: 8 hours

Diving in Baikal is radically different from what you might experience on the Red Sea , or any other popular dive spot . It is even said Jacques-Yves Cousteau, when plunged into the lake .


Steeped in the diving equipment you will see not only the inhabitants of the Baikal - cisco shirokolobika , " Baikal shrimp " - gamarusa , but also soar over submerged rocks, admire the colorful algae northern bays and swim with seals.

Diving under the ice are possible in February and March. This kind of Baikal diving is particularly interesting , because you have the unique opportunity to see the world through the ice surface of the lake. By the way , the team of Jacques Cousteau dive into the lake is in the winter, and it has made on its members a lasting impression. They felt like a fairy tale .



Daily horse transition in the surrounding Listvjanka

Price: 7500 rub

Extension: 7 hours

At 10.00 am familiar with the instructor and horses on the base. Preparing for the transition, the necessary instructions. At 12.00 departure to the horse transition. From the pass you a beautiful view of the river Angara, the only river flowing out of Lake Baikal. After the descent from the pass - rest. During leisure, you can take a walk through the woods and enjoy dinner cooked over a campfire, drink tea from wild grasses.