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Completion of "Clean Olkhon Island" 2013

Two-day volunteer action "Clean Olkhon Island" ended the season of 2013 the project "Save the Baikal", which was held September 14-15 in the All-Russian action on garbage collection "Make".


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Женя 20.04.2015

Согласен со всеми, хостел -- УЛЕТ!!!!!!!!


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Sights we recommend


Monument tourist

Bronze tourist stands at the intersection of ul. Litvinov and Karl Marx. He stares at the building, which in the 18th century was the Grand Hotel in Irkutsk.



Watches are made of marble and granite, the dial is made of brass and wrought-iron ornaments. If the day is sunny, the astronomical clock shows the exact time. Located on Lenin Street, near the store Voyage.



Sberbank of Russia has established a gift to the city in honor of the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk coin diameter of 1 meter, the penny is made from a special resin that is resistant to frost and znoyu, and is protected by a coating that completely mimics the metal. Coin set on a granite base. Being on the street Trillisera 57



Symbol of street musicians: Cello, a stool and a hat to collect money. Made of implanting artificial stone with metal elements. A great opportunity to feel like a street musician. Being on the street Urickogo.


Fallen egg

Monument dedicated to Russian-Japanese relations. As a token of friendship between the cities of Irkutsk and Suzuki. Located at the intersection of Kanazawa 1 and Marat.



Milk and cheese are rich in calcium. These foods you should eat if you want to have healthy teeth, so the cows are in the courtyard of the dental clinic at the intersection of Karl Marx and Lenin

Saints Peter and Fevronia Muromskie

They lived in harmony many years and died on the same day and in one hour. Peter and Fevronia wanted to be buried in the same grave, but their wish was not fulfilled. Already, being spirits, they found each other and were reunited. Are a symbol of love and devotion. The monument is located on the square of Kirov

Monument to the wives of the Decembrists

This monument is dedicated to Russian women followed their husbands, who had been exiled to Siberia for participation in rebellion against the king in December 14. Located on the street Friedrich Engels, near the station.


The monument to Admiral Alexander Kolchak

Located next to the Monastery of the Sign, a few hundred meters from the Angara River, where he was shot Feb. 7, 1920. At the time there was a civil war in which two powerful armies confronted, called Red and White. Kolchak was the Supreme Commander of the White Army. He was a brave, intelligent, smart and educated man. The monument is located on the street Angarsk, near Maratovskaya ring.


Moscow Gates

This is an exact copy of the Arc de Triomphe, which was built in the first ten-year reign of Alexander. The gates are in the same place where they were built for the first time